Creating spaces for people to connect through meaningful conversations

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Come actually connect with new people!

Meaningful conversations + amazing people + cool Seattle venues = the best way to connect with new people!

  • Meaningful conversations

    • No small talk 🙌

    • 365 cards to spark interesting conversations about all sots of topics! 👇Check ‘em out

  • People who genuinely want to connect

    • Our events are not focused on dating or networking (but you never know you’ll meet & connect with 😉)

  • The coolest venues

    • Breweries, coffee shops, local restaurants…come explore awesome new spots around Seattle 📍



365 meaningful conversation starting cards—created, designed & manufactured by Audrey!

  • PARENTS: use with your kids at the dinner table or on long drives

  • TEACHERS: great journal prompts or use for partner activities

  • THERAPISTS OR LIFE COACHES: inspire your clients in sessions to spark self-reflection

  • BUSINESSES: no more boring ice-breakers—a great way to kick off meetings

  • YOURSELF: use for daily journal prompts or daily inspiration



All of our events follow 5 values (listed👇) to create a space where people feel open to share their stories, feelings & experiences!

  • BE REAL: practice being vulnerable by stepping out of your comfort zone when sharing—share from your heart!

  • BE YOU: embrace your authentic, imperfect & messy self—take off your masks!

  • BE COMPASSIONATE: share "me too" to let people know they're not alone or imagine yourself in their shoes if you can't relate

  • BE CURIOUS: ask thoughtful, kind questions to show that you hear the person sharing

  • BE HERE: phone free zone—practice being mindful with your eye contact & body language



You’re not alone in feeling lonely—moving to a new city, losing a partner, eating lunch alone at work—here’s some research to highlight that feeling lonely is normal


Let’s connect & partner for an event

We host events for all types of partners—community work spaces, corporate offices, school assemblies, networking events, etc. The heart of each event is creating spaces for people to connect through meaningful conversations, but we can always add additional training, workshops or spins to customize your event! Reach out and we’ll put together an amazing event for you!

The story behind 365 Meaningful Conversations


Audrey Phillips is a twenty-five year old who was born a listener as the youngest of 4 siblings. She grew up outside of Seattle, WA and spent two years being a wilderness guide—falling in love with creating spaces for people to share vulnerably & connect.

Audrey learned through her own journey of sharing vulnerably & authentically about sexual assault the power of connection when we let ourselves be seen and heard exactly as we are. She spent two years designing & manufacturing a box of meaningful conversation cards—and then started hosting Heart-to-Heart Events in Boulder, CO. Three people came to the first, then four, then ten…over time, the Heart-to-Heart Events became very popular!

It clicked one day how much people crave a space to connect with others in a way that’s meaningful. Audrey decided to moved back home and currently lives in Capitol Hill working full-time hosting Heart-to-Heart Events all across Seattle because no one should feel lonely.