About Audrey Hart Phillips

My middle name is literally Hart!

I’ve always been an old-soul. You’d find me on the elementary playground sitting on the bench talking to a kid who’d been bullied. I’ve always believed that every single person has a story to share and I’ve wanted to listen. I can’t count how many times I’ve been listening when someone stops and says, “I’ve never told anyone that…”: strangers on planes, people at coffee shops or even close friends and family.

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Sharing my story of sexual assault before #metoo

How I learned that sharing vulnerably & authentically leads to powerful connections!

I was sexually assaulted the summer before college and I didn’t tell anyone (aside from my family & a few close friends) out of fear & shame...until my senior year of college when our campus was being terrorized by a sexual predator. I felt called to share my story of sexual assault by writing an article for my college newspaper. I didn’t sleep the night before my article was published because I was petrified of what other people would think. The next morning, I sat in nervously in a lecture when suddenly, my inbox was flooded. Messages from strangers, professors & friends: “Thank you for sharing your story,” “you’re brave for speaking up,” “That happened to me too.” I’ll never forget the feeling of being seen, heard & accepted for exactly who I was. That day I learned the most powerful feeling of connection comes from moments when we take a leap of courage to take off our masks & share our real, raw stories: sharing our vulnerable, authentic selves allows others to meet us with compassion...ultimately, allowing us to feel connected.

creating a box of meaningful convo cards

Two years of doodling led to 3 days alone in the woods without food & inspired me to raise $10k

The journey of creating the box of 365 meaningful conversation starting cards was a serendipitous series of events. It all started from a young age with my love of quotes & doodling. I got the idea to make a set of quote cards from a nature program and I spent 2 years hunched over in my free time at coffee shops...and I ended up drawing 365 quote cards! I started working as a wilderness therapy guide after college, which was jump started by a fifty-day wilderness course with Outward Bound. We rafted 100 miles down an icy river, summited mountains in blizzards and scoured rock formations climbing. I took copies of my quote cards along the journey & we’d read one before each meal (an Outward Bound tradition)...and my curated quotes sparked deep conversations as we ate beneath the stars. The culmination of course was a 3 day solo without food to contemplate the entire experience--and I spent the solo writing meaningful conversation questions on the back of each quote card and then I drafted my goal of hosting meaningful conversation events all across America (*the original dream was to live in a van and travel the US). I continued working on the cards while working as a wilderness therapy guide and a year later launched a crowd-funder where I raised $10k to get boxes of the cards manufactured!

The original Heart-to-Heart

4 strangers gathered at a crowded bar in Boulder, CO

I used my conversation cards on my wilderness therapy trips with at-risk students and was struck by how people craved spaces to talk openly. I started hosting meaningful conversation events on days when I wasn’t taking at-risk kids backpacking: 3 people came the first week, then 4 people, then 10 people, and soon enough, 30 people flocked to attend events. I started to understand the epidemic of loneliness from the stories people shared and realized how these events created a safe space for people to connect. I built out the events to include the 5 values: be real, be you, be compassionate, be curious and be here. I moved back to Seattle, WA to go full-time on starting my business of Heart-to-Heart.

FUTURE GOAL: eradicate loneliness

Creating a nation-wide platform for people to have Heart-to-Hearts

I am excited to create and host Heart-to-Hearts in Seattle with the goal of creating a nation-wide platform for hosting Heart-to-Hearts with my box of meaningful conversation starters...because no one should feel lonely.




Let’s Connect!

Thank you for reaching out to connect—that’s the entire mission of 365 Meaningful Conversations! Feel free to share your best stories from events or using the box in other creative ways, any feedback and to learn more about 365 Meaningful Conversations! Please click here if you’re looking to host a private Meaningful Conversation Event!