About Audrey Hart Phillips

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I’m Audrey Phillips—a twenty-five year old who started 365 Meaningful Conversations. I was born in Seattle, WA and went to Bowdoin College in ME. My entire life I’ve been told that I’m a good listener, even complete strangers have opened up to me on airplane rides, at coffee shops or waiting for the bus. My middle name is “Hart” and I’ve been having heart-to-heart conversations since I was 5 years old because I believe every single person deserves to be seen & heard for exactly who they are!


I left for a 50 day backcountry trip with Outward Bound and brought along quote cards that I’d drawn over the years. We ended up reading a quote card before each dinner and we’d often discuss the quote under the stars—conversations of grief, self-love, body image and other topics largely ignored in society. The trip ended with a 3-day solo where I sat alone in the woods under my tarp—and I thought of all the conversations I’d had and was struck with an idea to write a question on the back of each quote card…and came up with 365 questions! I returned home from the 50 day wilderness trip with 365 question cards caked in dust—and decided to fundraise $10k to create a box of questions that help people connect through meaningful conversations because we often talk about sports, tv shows or the weather and miss out on conversations about topics that go beyond the small talk!

hosting the first event

I spent a year manufacturing 500 boxes of 365 Connection Cards while working as a wilderness therapy guide—taking at-risk kids backpacking in CO, WY and UT. Overtime, I realized that I was feeling disconnected, so I posted an event online for strangers to meet at a bar for meaningful conversations. Three people showed up to the first event and we talked for 3 hours about masculinity, self-care and gratitude—and one guy asked, “When’s the next event?” and I laughed and said, “Next week!” Since then, I’ve hosted 40+ events in CO and WA with 20-30 people on average attending each. I love seeing people show up, open up and connect with others!


The future

We encourage the five values to be followed: be real, be you, be compassionate, be curious and be present—and that allows for magic to happen! Overtime, 365 Meaningful Conversations has grown a mission:

to create spaces for people to have meaningful conversations in order to feel connected, seen and heard.

The future of 365 Meaningful Conversations includes hosting meaningful conversation events for schools, corporations and any other group who wants to create a space for people to connect beyond small talk because I believe every single person deserves a space to be real and you’re just one conversation away from feeling connected!




365 Meaningful Conversations would love your support to continue growing because the world needs more meaningful conversations and spaces for people to connect! Feel free to donate below—thank you so much!

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