“Getting in and getting started was surprisingly easy. It was very low pressure and welcoming which made it a bit easier to open up. I also liked that it didn't rotate around alcohol - I like to drink, but most "meetups" of this sort always revolve around some happy hour type of theme which isn't always the best for all people. This felt much more authentic and focused on getting to know people as a result

- Chris Tufts from Seattle, WA

“It was a small group, which made connecting a lot easier. Very low key and nothing felt forced. It was so interesting to hear people's stories and learn new things. Very inspiring

- Brian Rogers from Seattle, WA

Meeting new people and hearing their stories. My own ideas and perspectives were challenged and I realized I unconsciously made some judgements about others that were proved wrong in the most wonderful of ways. Also, it just felt nice to be "seen"...to have the opportunity to share bits and pieces of my own story with others who were interested and able to celebrate pieces of myself and my life that I sometimes take for granted”

- Shelby Brown from Seattle, WA

“The conversations themselves! We all perceive the world in slightly different ways colored by our own experiences, so it's fascinating to get a glimpse into how other people think of concepts like "what makes one grounded"

- Andrew Sheng from Seattle, WA

This was exactly what I was looking for - a group of strangers who were prompted to speak from the heart. I learned some new perspectives and also got comfortable talking about my own views. Being vulnerable is a thing I want to work on and this allowed me to practice. Beyond that, I feel like this could grow into a really nice community and I want to fully support it. Real connections with people are what humans need and I am no exception. Thanks, Audrey.

- James Lamp from Seattle, WA

“I went to many Meaningful Conversation events, and was repeatedly impressed. These events all delivered exactly what was promised - they cut through small talk and took a group of strangers directly into conversations on deeper topics.

This allowed me to get to know people in a much more meaningful way quickly, and make some great friends. It encourages people to be vulnerable with each other, and that vulnerability is rewarded with kindness and acceptance. It also allows exploration of deep and interesting topics that are impressively intellectually stimulating, and encourages the exploration of those topics with new groups of people, which offered me new and insightful perspectives. 

Each of the questions is paired with a thought stimulating quote, and sparking not just conversation, but meaningful conversation with them is remarkably easy.

If you are looking to be able to get past the surface level interactions that dominate every day life and really connect with people, I would highly recommend attending a Meaningful Conversation Event.”

- Aaron from Boulder, CO

“I was feeling really lonely after moving… and I came across the Meaningful Conversation Event in Boulder and I decided to sign up for it. It was only supposed to be an empty gesture to make me feel better for having tried something that I normally would not do. But within a few hours after I signed up, I was contacted by Audrey to welcome me in to the group, and reassured that there is nothing to be afraid of, and that the people attending the event were just like you and me, who are looking for a genuine connection too.

There was never a lull, or a dull moment throughout the event, thanks to Audrey's box of meaningful conversation starter cards. And once people started to feel comfortable with each other, the conversation organically flowed from one topic to another, beyond what was on the cards.

At the end of the meeting, I felt lighter for having shared some of my most pressing thoughts and worries with a group of people who also laid their hearts out in the open, and I even managed to make a few friends out of the night”

-Aravind Asuri Balaji from Boulder, CO

“I'm so glad I took advantage of the opportunity to attend several Meaningful Conversation Events. I had no idea what to expect the first time I went but everyone was very welcoming.

For the extroverts, there were plenty of opportunities to speak and for the introverts there was no pressure. Lots of people showed up throughout the night and were immediately welcomed into a group.

I really like how the event draws a diverse crowd with many perspectives. We all came from different backgrounds but shared the desire to develop real connections and foster personal growth. I really appreciated the pure acceptance and respect that each person shared.

After just a few cards, many of us became comfortable opening up to people who were total strangers just a few minutes earlier. As someone fairly new to the area, it was such a blessing to be welcomed into a new group of friends. If you want to grow as a person or just make some new friends”

-Zack Smith from Boulder, CO