Meaningful Conversations at Schools

Meaningful Conversation Events are incredibly powerful experiences to have for a school—they teach students the skills of sharing vulnerably & authentically while encouraging people to listen with compassion & curiosity. The benefits of hosting an event will translate into a happier, healthier & more connected school environment.



  • Reduced bullying when skills such like compassion & empathy are taught

  • Increased connection means less depressed, anxious students in school — higher academic performances


We teach 5 values listed below and allow hands on practice for people to dive into meaningful conversations, which allows people to feel seen, heard & accepted. My speech is titled Connecting Conversations—5 ways of being that’ll allow you to feel like you belong and I speak about my experience healing from sexual assault as an analogy for learning that vulnerability & authenticity allows for connection with others.

  • Be vulnerable & authentic when sharing your stories, experience and emotions

  • Be compassionate & curious when listening

  • Be present—stay in the moment


  1. School-wide: host an assembly that covers how to have a meaningful conversation followed by break-out groups

  2. Partial student body: host a workshop for a part of the student body (ie: student council, a specific classroom, etc.) about how to have a meaningful conversation followed by break-out groups

  3. Teacher workshop: host a workshop for the teachers about facilitating meaningful conversations

Let’s Connect for your customized event

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