A box of cards ➡️ A Card game!

YOU’RE AMAZING! Thank you so much for taking this survey.

This is the very basic game idea as of now: 1. Getting rid of the quotes on the back 2. Dividing cards into light, medium or deep (based on the question, ie: a deep question is, “What one moment changed your life forever?” and a light question is, “How do you relax?”) 3. Players get dealt 3 piles of light, medium and deep then pick 3 cards from each level to add into a 3 group decks of light, medium and deep 4. You take turns drawing from light…then move onto medium…and then finish with deep questions
I'm designing extension packs to add into the game, let me know which decks you'd be interested in!
About 25 questions per extension pack!


If you had fun answering these questions…then seriously give me a shout on the phone at (206) 462-0679 or email me at Audrey@365MeaningfulConversations.com because my brain’s constantly thinking of ways to make this box of cards into a mainstream, fun game to spark real conversations!