Meaningful conversation starters + fun venues in Seattle + amazing people = the best way to meet new people!

COME ACTUALLY connect with people



Q: What’s an event like?

A: The events are the best way to meet people in a fun, casual and connecting way 💓

6:00 pm Be seated with 4 to 6 people

6:10 — 6:15 pm 5 values chat: be real, be you, be compassionate, be curious & be present

6:15 — 7:00 pm Meaningful conversations

7:10 — 7:15 pm Switch tables

7:15 — 7:50 pm More meaningful conversations

7:50 — 8:00 pm Closing and optional mingling


Q: Is this a dating / networking event?

A: No! Dating events are too much pressure & networking events are too boring! You never know who you’ll connect with at these events 😉…but it’s not about dating or networking.

Q: How are meaningful conversations facilitated?

A: I manufactured a box of 365 cards that spark meaningful conversations about topics we normally don’t get space to discuss like family dynamics, privilege, failure, self-love, happiness, body-image, and lots more. Check out the box of cards here or on Instagram!

Q: Who comes to these events?

A: Everyone’s invited 🎉! Typically people 23 to 40 year olds who are young professionals, locals or recent transplants come to our events. Also, we attract people who are genuinely interested in making friends and live in Seattle, WA area

Q: Why do you charge for events?

A: I charge $20 per event because I often rent out spaces, provide a lot of materials and provide a curated experience to facilitate meaningful conversations & connections—which, in my opinion is priceless! However, if cost is ever a barrier to you attending an event then I would love to connect and figure out a way for you to still join! Send me an email

Q: Who are you?

A: I’m Audrey Phillips 👋! I grew up in Woodinville, WA and moved to Maine to go to Bowdoin College where I studied geology . I worked as a ski instructor in Utah and then moved to Colorado to be a wilderness therapy guide for about 2 years ⛰️. I love backpacking, long distance running, drinking beer/coffee or drawing—and live in the Cap Hill area. Read the full story here!

Q: Why do you host these events?

A: I host these events because I think it’s really hard to meet people in a way that feels authentic, real & connecting. I’ve gotten tired of joining kickball teams ⚽, going out to bars 🍻, swiping on dating apps 🙄 and talking about the weather 🌧️….so, I started hosting these events! So, I designed a box of meaningful conversation cards and started hosting these events in Boulder, CO…and now, it’s my full-time gig and I love it. Read the full story here.

Q: My question isn’t on this list…

A: Email me at—I’m happy to answer any questions! 😊



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