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Most people spend 40+ hours at work, yet feel disconnected from their bosses and coworkers—and that disconnection negatively affects productivity, happiness and empathy.

Lonely at work

  • Only 30% of employees have a close friend at work (Rath & Harter, 2010)

  • 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work (State of the Global Workplace )

  • 50% of CEOs report feeling lonely in their role & 60% believe loneliness hindered their performance from Harvard Business Review (Saporito, 2012)

Benefits of meaningful conversations

The event:

  • Each event will be highly individualized and customized to the needs, wants and desires of your individual business, but can include:

    • Discussion of workplace loneliness experiences—as well as loneliness outside of work

    • Facilitated meaningful conversations, which can be open to all topics or catered to specific topics (ie: diversity & inclusion, self-love, gender, etc.)

    • Skill building of active-listening and vulnerable sharing

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