Creating spaces for people to connect through meaningful conversations

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  • No small talk 🙌only meaningful conversations!

  • People who genuinely want friends & connection! *Not dating or networking

  • Fun, local spots in Seattle like breweries, coffee shops and restaurants 📍

  • It’s hard to connect with people…until now, because our events make conversations easy!

365 Meaningful Conversations featured on KING 5



  • PARENTS: use with your kids at the dinner table or on long drives

  • TEACHERS: great journal prompts or use for partner activities

  • THERAPISTS OR LIFE COACHES: inspire your clients in sessions to spark self-reflection

  • BUSINESSES: no more boring ice-breakers—a great way to kick off meetings

  • YOURSELF: use for daily journal prompts or daily inspiration


The story behind 365 Meaningful Conversations


I’m Audrey Phillips—a twenty-five year old who started 365 Meaningful Conversations. My entire life I’ve been told that I’m a good listener, even complete strangers have opened up to me on airplane rides, at coffee shops or waiting for the bus.

365 Meaningful Conversations started with my love of deep conversations from a young age and grew into a business through serendipity!

The box of 365 Connection Cards started as an art project where I’d drawn quote cards—and then I took them on a 50 day wilderness trip and proceeded to realize the power of quotes sparking meaningful conversations. So, I decide to design a box of questions that would encourage people to skip the small talk of the weather, sports or tv shows—and connect on topics like self-love, happiness, grief and other topics largely ignored in society.

Then, I started hosting events in Boulder, CO in the summer of 2018 because I realized so many people (myself included) want to connect with people, but don’t know how or where! 3 people came to the first-ever event, then 10…and over time, the events grew to attract 30 people because everyone wants a space to feel seen, heard and connected.


Let’s connect for an event

We host events for all types of partners—community work spaces, corporate offices, school assemblies, networking events, etc. The heart of each event is creating spaces for people to connect through meaningful conversations, but we can always add additional training, workshops or spins to customize your event—fill out a quick form and I’ll create a customized event for you!

If you have an event space, then please email me at Audrey@365MeaningfulConversations.com